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Marketing Infused With Muse

Bring your business to the next level with a dedicated team of industry experts focused on growing your brand. The team at Muse will work with you to understand your business needs, develop a customized plan, and implement tailored marketing solutions designed to boost sales optimize your ad spend.

Amazon Marketplace Management

Sell Your Brand on Amazon

Join the nearly 10 million sellers on Amazon marketplace. From listing management to content creation, to Amazon Advertising, our Colorado eCommerce experts know what it takes to create listings that convert. Unlock the revenue potential that awaits in the world's largest online marketplace.

Listing Optimization

Informed by proven Amazon SEO strategy, our experts can manage every part of your listings to maximize conversions.

Amazon Storefront

From navigation design to product layout, our Amazon Storefront team will build you a store that sells.

A+ Content

Harness the power of Amazon's Brand Benefits with beautiful, informative Amazon A+ Content across all of your listings.

Brand Protection

Protect your company from counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers soiling your brand integrity.

Compliance & Support

From dealing with Seller Support to adapting to Amazon's changing regulations, our team will keep Amazon account violations at bay.

Amazon Advertising

As an Amazon advertising agency we pride ourselves on maximizing your RoAS across all Amazon ad campaigns.

Omni-Channel E-Commerce Marketing

Unify Your eCommerce Strategy

Omnichannel e-commerce is an e-commerce sales approach that uses multiple channels and gives customers a unified experience across all channels. We will bring your brand to multiple platforms, and ensure that these platforms work together to provide a consistent and unified customer experience.


It takes a lot to create an effective Amazon marketing strategy. We'll be there every step of the way to set you up for success on Amazon.

Social Media Management

Our purchasing decisions often come from our social media feeds. Let us help you expand your reach.


From listing creation to Walmart Advertising, our Walmart experts are here to help you get the most of this new E-Commerce giant.

Online Store Optimization

Depending on your brand and customer base, your greatest asset may be your site's online store. Let us take it to the next level.

Google Business Profile

Optimize your local presence through strategic Google Business updates, proper account linking, and client reviews.

Industry-specific marketplaces

Are your products suited to online shops like Lowe's, Etsy, Wayfair, eBay, or REI? We'll make sure they reach the audience they should.

Website & SEO

Maximize Your Digital Footprint​

More than just a marketing asset, your website is an SEO foundation, a brand portfolio, a mark of authority, and a powerful lead-generation machine. Whether you need to improve your current site’s health, traffic, or conversion rate, Muse's Denver marketing & SEO experts will be your web management and optimization team behind the scenes.

Site Health Audit

Ensure your site is functioning, optimized for mobile, and correctly indexed for search engines.

SEO Keywords

Identify keyword opportunities to drive your written content marketing for eCommerce strategy.

Website MGMT

Keep your website healthy through regular maintenance, health checks, content updates, and CRO.


Bolster your site with written content that attracts clients, converts users, and tells your brand’s story.

Custom Creative

Stand out from your competitors with engaging copy, eye-popping graphics, and custom digital assets on your site.

Data Analysis

Receive monthly in-depth reports on website performance, conversions, indexing, and overall health.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO)

Increase campaign conversions by optimizing the user experience with heat-mapping & strategic web design.

Site Cleanup & Optimization

Make the most of your site's traffic. Our optimization team will clear out old pages and beef up existing ones.

Backlink Management

Strengthen your brand authority with a custom backlink strategy designed to increase your site's traffic.

Paid Advertising Services

Maximize Your Return
On Ad Spend (ROAS)

In addition to managing your Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other PPC marketing efforts, our paid advertising experts can assist with programmatic media planning and buying. Whatever your medium, we're here to enhance your advertising strategy and optimize your ad placement so your business gets more leads at a lower cost.

PPC Keyword Research

Perform a cost-benefit analysis and identify keywords to target for pay-per-click campaigns that convert.

Strategy &

See important ad metrics like RoAS, CPC, Conversion Values and more across all ad campaigns and platforms.

Advertisement copywriting

Improve ad quality and campaign effectiveness with engaging copy that drives landing page conversions.

Facebook Ads Management

Leverage the world's largest social platform to generate leads with sophisticated ad campaigns.

Google Ads Management

Tap into the power of Google's search engine with optimized PPC campaigns that rank your brand above the rest.

Amazon Ads Management

Help your customers find you on Amazon with an optimized, data-backed Amazon advertising strategy.

Brand Guide Creation

From font preferences on collateral to thematic guidelines, our brand guides will help you maintain brand consistency for years to come.

Content Creation

From blogs to glossaries, our experts will create a data-driven content strategy to help your customers at every point of the purchase process.

Market Research

Not stacking up to your competitors? Our market researchers will learn what messaging is resonating with potential customers and help you get the edge in your vertical.


Learn From The Best

Our industry-leading Denver marketing team has combined decades of experience in helping brands succeed online. Our suite of E-Commerce marketing consulting services provide the guidance necessary to take your business to the next level.

High-Level Strategy Consult

Not sure where to start? Our experts can look at your marketing efforts holistically and identify the best areas for improvement.

Advertising Strategy Consult

Whether you're looking to reduce your CPC or need help choosing the best ad platform, our advertising consultants are here to guide you.

Marketing Data Analysis

Just looking for help crunching the numbers? Our marketing strategists will help you identify the best marketing KPI benchmarks.

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