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Muse is a boutique digital marketing agency in Denver, CO that is focused on helping small-businesses grow through our full-service marketing support. Our team comprises a variety of marketing experts, each bringing their own unique skillsets to the table.

Audra Weishaus

Chief Marketing Strategist

Dave Weishaus

Chief Business Strategist

Henry Baldwin

Director of Digital & Social Media

Adam Brester


Melia Buckton



Chief Influencer

Why Choose Muse?

The Muse Marketing Difference

Qualified Lead Generation

With the foundation of a well-defined brand and digital presence, your business can generate high-intent leads through organic and paid campaigns.

Data Driven Marketers

With robust KPI reporting, our marketing experts leverage data and industry-leading analytics software to continually optimize your campaign performance.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

At Muse, our team will develop a custom marketing strategy by finding the right combination of synchronized campaigns to help realize your business goals.

Small-Business Focused

At Muse, we're passionate about using thoughtful marketing to help businesses grow - especially young businesses building from the ground up.

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